Our Programs

The building blocks of global friendship

Conventional education focuses on knowledge and sometimes on skills. However, at CISV we believe that the most effective learning takes place when we have engaging first-hand experiences. 

At CISV we believe in building global friendship, starting with children. But that's not where it stops. While the Village programme, for 11 year olds, is the cornerstone of our educational philosophy, it's just the first building block. We also offer a range of multicultural experiences to youth and adults, providing the opportunity to experience the CISV philosophy and live our values. Find out more about our exciting and diverse activities:

2017 Programs - Click here for forms and applications

Village - Age 11 (at least one day between June 1 and August 31)

  • Faroe Islands, June 30-July 25, 2017 (2 female delegates, 2 male delegates)

  • Brasilia, Brazil, July 3-30, 2017 (2 female delegates, 2 male delegates)

Junior Counselor (JC) (Must be 16 on first day of camp!!)

  • Telemark, Norway, June 30 to July 27, 2017

Interchange - Ages 12-13

  • Lisbon, Portugal (Dates and number of travelers to be determined)

Step Up - Age 14 (at least one day between June 1 and August 31)

  • Aarhus, Denmark, June 30-July 22, 2017 (2 female delegates, 2 male delegates)

Seminar Camp - Ages 17-18

  • Bergen-Hordaland, Norway, July 5-25, 2017 (1 female delegate, Individual traveler)

Youth Meeting - 16-18

  • Kiel, Germany, April 9-16, 2017 (Individual traveler)
  • Vaasa, Finland, July 2-9, 2017 (Individual traveler)

International People's Project - 19+

Mosaic - All ages

Junior Branch - Ages 11-25 

  • Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month, 7-8 pm, at Troy First Presbyterian Church. New members are always welcome!

CISV Chapters around the world host a range of programs for different age groups. We try to ensure that quality and general content are similar, no matter where the activity takes place. CISV also endeavors to keep participation fees as low as possible. There are opportunities to learn at the local, regional and international level. Participation begins at local CISV Chapter level, where members have the opportunity to apply for international experiences. We have six unique international programs starting with children from age 11. There are many additional opportunities for involvement for other age groups in these programs - ranging from Junior Counselors to Adult Leaders.

There are also many exciting volunteering opportunities for adults and youth.

Scholarship opportunities may be available.