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The building blocks of global friendship

Conventional education focuses on knowledge and skills. However, at CISV we believe the most effective learning takes place when we have engaging first-hand experiences.  We believe in building global friendships, starting with children, but that's not where it stops. While the Village program, for 11 year children, is the cornerstone of our educational philosophy, it's just the first building block.  We also offer a range of multicultural experiences to youth and adults, providing the opportunity to experience the CISV philosophy and live our values. 

CISV chapters around the world host a range of programs for different age groups. We try to ensure that quality and general content are similar, no matter where the activity takes place.  CISV also endeavors to keep participation fees as low as possible. There are opportunities to learn at the local, regional, national, and international level. Participation begins at the local chapter level, where members have the opportunity to apply for international experiences. We have ten unique programs starting with children from age 10. 

It is important to mention that CISV members are NOT required to travel to be a part of the Junior Branch (JB). We offer regular activities and service projects, so your child can become a part of an organization that is inclusive and fun!  Parents and siblings are encouraged to attend, too.  

 We are very excited about our 2018 Program Selections!

We are very excited about our 2018 Program Selections!

Program Applications

When filling out applications for our programs, be sure to use this guide to help you determine which forms are required for each program.  Completed applications should be snail mailed to CISV Miami County, PO Box 836, Troy, OH 45373, or emailed to mccisv@gmail.com

There is a $10 per person application fee, payable to CISV Miami County, that should accompany all application forms.

  • Applications for Youth Meeting in Munich, Germany are due by November 24, 2017. 
  • Applications for all other programs are due by January 12, 2018. 

Selection Mini Camp (which is for those who are applying for travel programs) will be held at Troy Rec Center, 11 N. Market Street, Troy on January 20 starting at 1pm and ending January 21 at 11am. 

Youth Delegate Application Form

Youth Delegate Application Form for Fortnight

Village Youth Delegate Application Supplement

Youth Delegate Reference Form

Step Up Youth Delegate Application Supplement

Youth Legal Form-Domestic Programs

Adult Legal Form-USA

Interchange Family Reference Form

Staff-Leader Application Form

Confidential Reference Form for CISV Leadership-Staff Position

After interviews and selections are made, additional paperwork will be required.


Junior Branch (JB) - Ages 10-25 

Village - Age 11 (at least one day between June 1 and August 31)

Interchange - Ages 12-13

Step Up - Age 14 (at least one day between June 1 and August 31)

Junior Counselor (JC) (Must be 16 on first day of camp!!)

Youth Meeting - Ages 16-18

Fortnight - For this new program of CISV USA, one person aged 16-18 will be chosen by each of the 24 chapters in the USA to participate in a two-week camp in Pittsburgh from July 15-29, 2018. One focus of the camp will be on discussing what it means to be from the USA, and how people from CISV USA can counter stereotypes of Americans.

Seminar Camp - Ages 17-18

International People's Project - Ages 19+

Mosaic - All ages

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