Mini-Camp Opportunities

Mini-camps are weekend CISV camps held throughout the year to give Junior Branch members an opportunity to connect with one another and continue to work toward CISV's goal to educate and inspire for a more just and peaceful world.

RMC 2018...March 23-25, 2018...Detroit, Michigan

RMC stands for Regional Mini-Camp. It is an annual weekend-long camp for all the chapters in a particular region of Junior Branch USA. Over the weekend, participants engage in educational and thought-provoking activities planned by the region's leaders. It's a great chance to get to know the people in your region and learn more about what a CISV experience is like. Anyone in the Junior Branch is invited to RMC, but it is especially planned for the chapters in the West-Midwest Region, which are Michigan City, Detroit, and Miami County.  Attendees must be 10+ years old to attend.  Registrations forms, fees, and more information coming soon!

NMC 2018...May 25-28, 2018...Brandywine Valley, PA

NMC stands for National Mini-Camp.  Every Memorial Day weekend, JB USA hosts the National Mini Camp. This weekend brings together JBers from JB USA to participate in fun, educational activities that celebrate the CISV philosophy and provide an opportunity for youth to learn, grow, have fun, and build friendships. National Mini Camp is open to all JBers, age 10-25. The activities will be structured around our four educational content areas: sustainable development, diversity, conflict and resolution, and human rights.

CanAm Mini-Camp...May 4-6, 2018...Miami County, OH

CanAm is a regional mini camp that was started in 2016 where members from Canada and the USA join for a mini camp.  It is happening for the third time in 2018 and being hosted by our very own chapter at Indian Hills 4-H Camp in Pleasant Hill.