Mini-Camp Opportunities

Mini-camps are weekend-long CISV camps held throughout the year to give junior branch members an opportunity to connect with one another and continue to work toward CISV's goal to educate and inspire for a more just and peaceful world.

NMC 2017:  Road Trip-Discover Yourself and Your World

NMC 2017:  Road Trip-Discover Yourself and Your World

National Mini-camp 2017

CISV JB board members from all over the USA will gather in San Antonio, TX from May 26-29, 2017.  Our chapter will be sending interested members with chaperone(s).  Registration must be complete prior to April 7, 2017, to allow for a block of airline tickets to be purchased.  Travelers are responsible for airfare, travel expenses, and camp fees.

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Can-Am Mini-camp

CISVers from Canada and northern USA will converge in Ontario from May 5-7 for a CISV circus.  Miami County members are welcome to register and travel to this event, but travel arrangements will be parents' responsibility for this camp.  Please note, campers and drivers will need passports to enter Canada!